Fashion model photo sessions

for fashion suppliers and e-commerce

Our studio has its own special field: photo sessions for e-commerce. We manage all details - you simply choose one of our models, picture style and send your products to us. Within a few days you will get a bundle of photos ready to be shown at your e-shop, wholesale or e-Bay / Amazon auction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
You do not pay for a single session - you only pay for taken photos. We take care of hiring a model, a make-up expert and a photographer.
The price of one product photo set depends on product quantity - just take a look at the pricelist here

What is contained into the price?
You pay for a product picture set - each item is shot twice: FRONT and BACK plus ZOOM.

When will I receive the pictures?
Once we complete your order, you will get a link to download all pictures.

How long does it take?
The photos will be ready within 7 working days from the day of reception of the products (on average).

How can I use the pictures ?
You have the pictures copyrights - which means that they can be used on-line by your company and by your partners (with your permission granted).

Trial sessions

Would you like to test our services before ordering more? Try out trial sessions even for one product  

Incoming product photo session:

6th October 2016

Our models

Monika Młodawska
Fashion Model
Height 172
Weight 52
Bust 86
Waist 61
Hips 91
Clothes XS / S
Shoes 38
Bra B75
Marcin Ponicki
Fashion Model
Height 185
Weight 78
Chest 102
Waist 85
Hair Short
Colour Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
Size L
Shoes 42
Kamila Gawenda
Fashion Model
Height 170
Bust 87
Waist 62
Hips 87
Clothes XS
Shoes 37
Bra C
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